Performance & Recovery - New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract Capsules


Made from Endurrants™ a proprietary blend of New Zealand sourced Blackcurrant extract which contains high strength Anthocyanins & Polyphenols that may support your bodies performance, wellness & recovery.
- 100% Endurrants™ New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract
- Made in New Zealand
- Each bottle contains 30 * capsules 
- Each capsule contains 450mg Endurrants™ New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract which has 113mg of Anthocyanins
- Each capsule equivalent to 50,000mg fresh Blackcurrants

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Our high strength Anthocyanin Performance & Recovery offering is fast becoming the go to every day product for our customers...
- High profile sports professionals
- Endurance focused weekend warriors (Cycling, Triathlon, Running & Multi Day Adventurers).
- Senior health and wellness focused individuals (Cognitive, Immunity support, Cardiovascular, Gut and Eye Health).
- Female health & wellness focused individuals (skin, hair and nails).

A high strength Anthocyanin product like 'Performance and Recovery' is the ultimate general well-being nutritional supplement. 

Directions: For general health take 1-2 capsules daily and for performance & recovery take 1 capsule 1 hour before & 1 hour after a sports event or fitness activity or as directed by your Sports Nutritionist.

Supporting Research: Performance and Recovery Endurrants are made from one of the most Anthocyanin rich superfoods on the planet, New Zealand grown Blackcurrants.  There have been numerous studies / clinical trials that have looked into the benefits of consuming Anthocyanin rich Blackcurrants. Click Here For Supporting Research