About Us

Aotearoa - land of the long white cloud 


We live on the edge of the world, the Southern Island of New Zealand. You'll find us on the South West Pacific Ocean, we are a relatively new country in terms of history and our land formation.

The Southern Alps form the backbone of the South Island and to the east of the Southern Alps is the rolling farmland of Otago, Southland, and the vast, flat Canterbury Plains. It's these alluvial plains that contain some of New Zealand’s most fertile and productive farmland and it's from here that we source our ingredients for Epoch Nutrition.

We take great pride in bringing to life some of the best performance, recovery and health-focused nutrition available on the planet. 

We work closely with our farmers who have managed the land for generations and continue to work with the land in a sustainable way.

All our products are 100% Made by Nature in New Zealand.


We've always been surrounded by athletes, my father was a runner (photo Dick Tayler) and he'd tell us the infamous stories about the great track and field legends of New Zealand (Peter Snell, Murray Halberg, John Walker, Rod Dixon, Dick Quax) many whom were coached by the grandfather of running Arthur Lydiard. 

I've always liked Lydairds style, our products are designed to support you to be the best version of you that you can be... fitter, faster and healthier. However, we know there are no shortcuts to success and performance is earned.

We believe in eating a well-balanced diet first and foremost, exercise and lots of rest are key elements to being healthy. Our nutritional supplements support your body but they aren't going to add value if you don't put the effort into looking after yourself.  

'My runners always had fun' is a quote from Lydiard that resonates with us and that 'having fun' mantra is what we aim to bring to our brand.



Our team are true weekend warriors and enjoy everything from competing and enjoying triathlons, ocean swimming, trail running, road biking or hitting some of New Zealand's finest mountain biking tracks. We are constantly putting our products to the test on the infamous Port Hills a favorite training ground for many Canterbury Athletes (both the professional and weekend warriors) that we support.

We love having fun and want to provide you with trusted products that deliver on what they promise. No 'snake oil' marketing hype just honest nutrition made by nature that you can trust. 

The Team

David Tayler - Owner / General Manager at Epoch Nutrition. 

I have always had a passion for the outdoors whether it's with family or on a mission into the mountains with friends. I enjoy keeping active and am regularly seen battling up the Rapaki Track, Bridle Path or Dyers Pass on my bike trying to beat my friends Strava times.
I love to do the occasional event or mission (Triathlon, Mountain Bike, Road Cycling or Trail Run). For me, keeping fit is a lifestyle and something that the whole family enjoys. 

My goal is to create the worlds most trusted Nutritional Supplements brand. No gimmicks or bullsh*t, just great products that actually add value to you and your lifestyle. Using the best growers/farmers from the best country on the planet... New Zealand   


Charlotte Rebbeck - Owner at Epoch Nutrition

Charlotte's a true entrepreneur, she started one of the first globally successful Organic Baby Food companies in 2004 and brings a wealth of experience to the Epoch team.
Charlotte loves taking on the big corporate companies who become too focused on profits at the expense of the customers and is a champion for the environment and ensuring sustainable practices are adhered to at Epoch HQ.

Charlotte is married to David and both reside in the port town of Lyttelton. They have two children who share the passion of the outdoors with their parents.