Polyphenols Supplements NZ - What are the Benefits

Polyphenols Supplements NZ - What are the Benefits

June 14, 2019

Polyphenols Supplements NZ - What are the Benefits?

The 'evidence suggests' is a new campaign we are working on to highlight the health benefits of the king of superfood the mighty Blackcurrant. 

Our Performance & Recovery Blackcurrant extract contains high strength anthocyanins & polyphenols, which as the 'evidence suggests' supports the performance and recovery of sports and physically active people. 

If you want a 'high strength' Polyphenol Supplement NZ then Blackcurrant extract is the ultimate plant-based option.  

Our campaign aims to build awareness of the credible science behind the claims. 

If require improvements in high intensity running, or want to improve endurance then we have the ultimate sports nutrition for athletes, please read on.

The clinical trial: 

A University of Chichester study involving 13 athletes demonstrated that New Zealand blackcurrant was perfect sports nutrition for endurance athletes, as the extract helped athletes maintain maximal sprinting speeds and reduced fatigue in the Loughborough Intermittent Shuttle Test [LIST]. 

The results showed that the Blackcurrant Extract:

  • Athletes to maintain better fastest sprinting times
  • Athletes who increased time to exhaustion in later phases did so by on average 15% (equating to 2 minutes and 20 seconds)
  • Athletes could run for longer at a higher intensity with reduced fatigue 
  • Some subjects reported less perceived exertion on blackcurrant

It is concluded that the intake of New Zealand blackcurrant extract was the perfect sports nutrition for endurance athletes and it may be beneficial for performance in team sports that involve maximal sprints with the benefits applicable in the later stages of the game. 

The results showed that the NZ blackcurrant extract:

  • Enhanced  running performance, showing an increase in total running distance of 10.6%
  • Allowed for 15% higher lactate levels to be achieved at the point of exhaustion
  • Improved post-exercise recovery, shown by larger changes in lactate clearance from the blood during the early recovery period compared to the placebo.

Click Here for the full Clinical Trial Abstract

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