Online Triathlon Coaching Insights

Online Triathlon Coaching Insights

June 14, 2018

Online Triathlon Coaching Insights 

I am always looking out for interesting 'Podcasts' so I can get some online triathlon coaching insights into how to train for an upcoming event or to hear how past legends or current professionals train for their events.

A couple of favourites of mine are. 

  • Matt Dixon - Purple Patch Fitness - his podcasts are great, cover everything from planning, nutrition, hydration, mental, life balance etc. He has some seriously successful athletes on his books and offers training camps and advice for the really serious weekend warriors like myself. 
  • FITTER is a New Zealand based triathlon coaching business offering highly personalised, professional coaching and support for those athletes looking for peak performance and to maximise their chances of success at events. They have great podcasts hosted by coach Bevan McKinnon. A wealth of insight as Bevan talks to professional athletes and leading experts across key areas of sports performance and health.

I've definitely got some great insights and tips especially across the key areas of sports nutrition and hydration from both of these Pod-Casters. 

Matt Dixon talked in one of his Podcasts about the importance of hydration in both daily lives and in training/racing.

The racing side of things, he talked about Hydration having two main roles

1: being the transporter of calories when working out / racing
2: maintaining blood volumes 

The later is certainly an area that I didn't consider and certainly post listening to his podcast have adjusted my fluid intake slightly. 

Key takes outs:

  • Longer and more intense efforts the rate of absorption goes down, so you need fluid to dilute the calories so they are easily absorbed. 
  • As you get dehydrated - even as little as 4% you lose blood volume and therefore your performance declines.  
  • Temperature, Altitude, Fitness and Genetics key factors to how much fluid you require.  
  • Under 60 minutes drink to thirst (plain water fine)
  • Over 60 minutes - about a bottle per hour (10 / 12 ml per kg per hour) lower if colder / more if hotter.
  • Little hits (water) more consistently over the course of each hour. 
  • Longer the session / or race the more important hydration becomes. 
  • Don't mix calories with hydration (interesting point). Avoid super concentrated solution - at max 4% carbohydrates.
Anyway - great information across both these Pod-casters - listen to them while going for a run.  


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