Healthy Eating for Women: The Importance of a Colorful Diet

Healthy Eating for Women: The Importance of a Colorful Diet

November 07, 2019

The Importance of a Colorful Diet

A great article by Oxygen Mag a women-focused nutrition and fitness website. 

They provide some insight into the benefits of eating a colourful diet that include those compounds that provide all the all-important health benefits.

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Key Points From Article:
  • Eating colourful fruits and vegetables is good for you, but do you know why? 

  • In the case of foods from the blue/purple/dark red family, the common element is a series of compounds known as anthocyanins.

  • What is an Anthocyanin? They are part of a family of active compounds in food known as flavonoids.

  • In general, any fruit, vegetable or legume (think beans) that have a deep red, purple or blue hue will contain some amount of anthocyanins, though some foods naturally contain more than others.

  • So how, exactly then do anthocyanins work the body? 

  • The benefits of consuming anthocyanins
    1. Fights Inflammation
    2. Controls Weight
    3. Improves Circulation
    4. Fends Off Aging & Cancer
  • Anthocyanin-Rich Foods, any plant-based food that is blue, purple or deep red will likely contain some amount of anthocyanins.
Oxygen Mag is a great resource for all things female nutrition and exercise. 
From our perspective, we all know that Blackcurrants are the 'most Anthocyanin rich' superfood on the planet.

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